I am happy about the interest all feel for the forest.

There was a time when our people were only interested in the cities. Seeing the interest in the plants and in our forests encourages me.

... A school where we could teach our children how to cultivate and use plants is ideal, because our children are our future.

Mateo Italiano Toribo, Machiguenga, Shamans Confederation




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Our Vision

We build bridges of understanding and support for equitable sharing of global resources through cross-cultural endeavors connecting NGOs with indigenous community projects that educate people of all ages in traditional wisdom and improve their community's present and future.

Current Projects

Amazanga Land Conservation

The goal of their Amazanga Land Conservation Project's is to puAmazanga community schoolrchase land to protect their unique rainforest wilderness in theheadwater country of the Lushin River bordering the Sangay National Park in Pastaza Province of Amazonian Ecuador. >> more

Amazanga Sustainable Community Project of Perimeter Zone Sangay Nat. Park Rainforest of Ecuador

A sustainable living project initiated by GrupoOsanimi to support this important community group which directs its lifeblood to protecting the sacred ancestral lands of its Quechua ancestors and to creating and sustainable community rennaissance projects in the perimeterzone of this great endangered forest. >> more

Cursos de Plantas Medicinales Y Espiritualidad Huachiperi
Huachiperi Cultural Heritage, Education and Preservation ProjectCEWA's new buildings


We are currently seeking funding to support Centro Wanamey's Youth education (8-10 yrs. kids of “Huachi” descent) in the traditional use of medicinal herbs and plants, language preservation (only a handful of elders are currently fluent in this endangered language) and projects which sustain the Centers activities. >> more



Don Alejandro
Since our founding in 1995 we have completed projects that brought potable water to a Q'eros community of villages in the high Andes, funded cultural heritage workshops in the Manu Biosphere, connected California students with Q'eros school children, traditional celebration for new water system supported and carried on the teaching of Don Alejandro, brought traditional Shamans from Peru to the United States, connected California and Q'eros classrooms, and created a traditional medical garden and cultural center at Centro Wanamey in Peru. >>more


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