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Workshop in the Traditional Ceramics of the Huachipayri Culture

During the Autumn of 2001, Living Bridges Foundation sponsored a project of CECUWA (Centro Wanamey Foundation) to train thirty youth of the village of Huacaria (ethnic Machigenga) and from Qeros (ethnic Huachipayri) in the traditional methods of construction of ceramics both for home and ornamental use and for sale to local tourists.

The "art of ceramics" was currently known well by only one elder woman from Q'eros. It was feared that without utilizing her knowledge, that the art would be lost to the remaining members of the culture.

During the workshop, which was held in the village of Huacaria, the elder woman demonstrated the gathering constructing and firing and painting of ceramic ware

Students, teachers  of the Huachiperi Ceramics Class

Graduating Class


Huachipaeri pots


23, 24 y 25 DE NOVIEMBRE DEL 2001

Pot in fire

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From: centro wanamey <centro@wanamey.zzn.com>
To: lvbridge@cruzio.com <lvbridge@cruzio.com>
Date: Friday, January 11, 2002 10:26 AM
Subject: Thanks for backing our projects!!!!!!

Mrs. Donna Runnals:
Living Bridge Foundations

Thru the present receive warm greeting from the Cecuwa. This is to inform you that we already sent you the documents of the costs of the workshop of ceramic( economic inform) by airmail that should be getting there in two weeks approximately. We will be waiting for your comentaries and others.

Centro Cultural Wanamey thanks very heartly the help that your institution for the projects that we are doing here.Wishing that our laces between our institutions continue and keep on growing.

We wish you and your institution much exits and happiness in this 2002!!!!

Yours truly
Centro Cultural Wanamey
Jose Pilares
Eva del Castillo
Donaldo Pinedo
Walter Qertewari
Joel Jahuanchi
Jose Dumas
Doris valdivia
Ruth Jahuanchi


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