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The Beautiful Flower School + Greenhouse Project

Munay T'ika School and Greenhouse

In June of 2002 the construction of New Munay T'ika School Building and Second Greenhouse in the Q'eros village of Charcapata was officially completed!

The project was fully funded by the Wiracocha Foundation, a group which has worked extensively with sharing the traditions and knowledge offered by the Q'eros people. The new school will serve up to seventy children per day and will allow for the children to tend the greenhouse.

Living Bridges Director, Donna Runnalls attended the dedication of the new buildings in July 2002.

Ongoing support from Living Bridges Foundation continues to fund the teacher's salary, supplies, books, and maintenance of the school.

learning to grow vegetables

LIving Bridges members and Q'eros dedicate the new school

The Munay T'ika School Project of Charcapata Annex was initiated in the village of Charcapata during the Spring of 2000 as a result of a "petition of request" presented to Richard Aguayo of Muju Project and Donna Runnalls of Living Bridges during their May 2000 visit to that community.

Papers signed by all the village parents listed the names of eligible children who were currently deprived of starting school because they were physically unable to complete the five hour round-trip daily walk to the only other existing Q'eros school in another village.

As a result of receiving this sincere request for assistance, Muju Project Of Cuzco began a search for teachers who could live full time in Charcapata community and who were interested in teaching and reviving the ancient customs of the Q'eros in addition to handling the rigors of teaching bi-lingual Qiuchua and Spanish grammar. The search located a wonderful couple, Maria Luisa Garrido and Mariano Martines of Paurcatambo, Peru who along with their four- year old son have handled the running of the new school in an inspiring and professional manner!.

Students, teachers and school building

The Students, Teachers, and Munay T'ika School, Charcapata Annex, Peru

Not only has attendance been high (between 25 and 33 students daily) but students have exceeded the expectations of the first six months with their writing and counting skills. Parent involvement has increased and many parents are now attending the new Adult Literacy School as well.

The children chose to name the school Munay T'ika Project (The Beautiful Flower Project).

Another special project of the school has been the tending and operating of the new greenhouse. The children harvested their first crops of lettuce and radishes in September, another "first" for the village.

Living Bridges is providing ongoing funds for the school with donations from individuals and groups who wish to see the Charcapata school continue and the literacy program and greenhouse projects develop in other villages.

Please visit our Adopt a School and Greenhouse Section for details on How to Donate.

Vine Hill Elementary School Students
Scotts Valley, California, U.S.A.
Sponsors of Munay T'ika School

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