The forest is not to buy or to sell, it is to live with.  We are guardians of the forest, not the owners. We want to be guardians united in strength to preserve it for all, share it with all...

Amazanga means "God of the forest" God of the forest says yes to development  but no to destruction ... We do not want the forest destroyed because the pure air, the pure water , all the richest of the forest cannot be bought with money.

words from the people of Amazanga




Current Projects

Amazanga Kicshuar Lushin River Community Land Conservation

Doña Lucila, midwifeThe goal of their Amazanga Land Conservation Project is to purchase land to protect this unique rainforest wilderness in the headwater country of the Lushin River bordering the SangayNational Park in Pastaza Province of Amazonian Ecuador.

The reserve will be a forest sanctuary and used for nature walks and serve as a site for traditional knowledge transmission and indigenous spirituality.

The Amazanga Community, a group of Puyuc Runa "Cloud People" living near Puyo in Pastaza Province, created the Yachai Huanduc(Wisdom of the Sacred Leaf) Foundation to preserve their land and traditional values. The area is 95% covered inpre-mountain primary rainforest and is home to a wide array of wildlife and endangered species including tapirs, parrots, military macaws,kinkajous, olingos, pumas, and jaguars.

In collaboration with Amazanga schoolteacher and childrenGrupo Osanami Foundation, Tropical Rainforest Coalition, and the people of Amazanga community, we are funding legal and processing fees and land aquisition costs to create a ring of preserved land as well as supplies for thecommunity school.

Amazanga Sustainable Community Project of Perimeter Zone Sangay Nat. Park Rainforest of Ecuador

A sustainable living project initiated by Grupo Osanimi to support this indigenous community group creating sustainable community rennaissance projects in the perimeter zone of this great endangered forest.

At the request of the Amazanga community, In 2006-2007 we are focusing onthree communiLushanty needs:Chilica

Sustainable Economic Development--We will connect local leaders withcommunity and business development specialists and markets in ecotourism and furniture production as well as fund the acquisition of needed tools and supplies.

Health--We will fund a Birthing Center and traditional medicinal garden to support the work of Doña Lucila, the community midwife and the other healers.

Education--We will continue to provide basic supplies for the school and support curriculum transmitting traditional knowledge from elders to the children.

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Cursos de Plantas Medicinales Y Espiritualidad Huachiperi
Huachiperi Cultural Heritage, Education and Preservation ProjectCEWA's new buildings

In CECUWA logo Buildings in the Traditional Garden Center of Centro Wanamey, Peru.

We are currently seeking funding to support Centro Wanamey's Youth education (8-10 yrs. kids of “Huachi” descent) in the traditional use of medicinal herbs and plants, language preservation (only a handful of elders are currently fluent in this endangered language)