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Living Bridges Foundation Volunteers of the Year 2001!

Vine Hill Elementary School Fifth Grade Global Committee


Vine Hill Elementary School Fifth Grade Global Committee
Scotts Valley, California, U.S.A.

Fundraisers for the Flowering Earth School


In March of 2001, the Fifth Grade Global Committee of the Vine Hill Elementary School, Scotts Valley, Ca., offered to conduct a fundraiser for the children of Q'eros. Their method involved creating decorative boxes for each classroom in the Elementary School wherein children could deposit "spare change/coins" on a daily basis for a two week time period.

The fundraiser was an overwhelming success!

Not only did children donate spare change, some donated even their lunch money each day and also brought extra change from family members at home! The final count was a grand total of $1500.00!

On March 21st, the children presented their fundraising check to Donna Runnalls of Living Bridges in a thank-you ceremony attended by the local newspaper.

Living Bridges Foundation awarded the Global Committee the "Volunteer of the Year" award for 2001!

The money was sent to Q'eros project in late May and will be used provide all the materials and labor fees for the much needed new school building in Charcapata. The new structure will replace the previous building which had only one window and was too cold for studies over one hour in length.

The next fundraising campaign will be to continue raising funds to support efforts to keep a teacher full-time in Q'eros Community. Due to the cold weather and rugged living conditions, the salary has to be higher than an average city salary. The teacher must also speak both Qechua and Spanish fluently, be sensitive and supportive of introducing teachings about the Q'eros culture into the curriculum and be able to work with parents in the literacy program. The needed salary is $300 per month.

Students, teachers and school building

The Students, Teachers, and Munay T'ika School, Charcapata Annex, Peru


Three years ago, four fifth grade teachers at VineHill Elementary School initiated the idea of beginning a "service Club' for kids. (Jane Hancock, Mary Dettle, Michelle Stewart and Karen Alrahan, Founders @438-1090) They decided that introducing the children to the "idea" of service; for the school, the greater community and the global comVine Hill School Fifth Gradersmunity would help support their development as compassionate "world citizens". The club has grown to a membership of over 50 students since its inception and is very popular with the whole school.

In February the service club approached my Foundation, Living Bridges Foundation, a local (501/C3) non-profit "for the preservation of indigenous lifeways". We do projects in So. America which are invited by the indigenous people and which help them "self-sustain' in their original culture and homeland.

The service club kids wished to support our new school project for a culture/group in Peru called the "Q'eros which is "endangered" ( by assimilation and environmental degradation) and in which there was no existing school for the children (located high in the Andes 14,000 ft. near Cuzco, Peru).

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